Automate Your
Sales Leads

There are a number of sales and marketing automation tools available, and use of one can transform the productivity of your business.


One of our favourites (which we use in house here at Cobalt Beach) is EngageBay They offer a free plan which will allow you to import a database of your contacts, design beautiful email templates to communicate your messages in a consistent manner, link up your website so that interested potential customers can automatically register themselves onto your mailing list, and gives you the ability to track the effectiveness of your marketing materials When you are ready to scale, they offer a sliding scale of monthly subscriptions allowing you gradually greater volumes and features, which means you only need to pay for what you need Paid plans include the ability to schedule sequenced, or follow-up emails are pre-defined times after a customer contact, which can really increase your sales conversation rates – all without you having to lift a finger once it’s set up.


Another great choice, with a free option is MailChimp Although their offering is less feature rich than EngageBay, they offer a greater volume of emails in their free package, and are a tried and tested name in the market Their free package will allow you to import a contacts list, design an email template and send this out, tracking opening If you’re looking for something a little different, they also offer a (paid) option to mail physical postcards to prospective customers

If you’d like to discuss implementing sales and marketing automation into your business, why not get in touch for a FREE initial consultation.

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