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If you’re looking to streamline the processes and systems in your business and need support to do it read on…

Let’s face it you didn’t go into business to spend half your time (or all of your weekends) doing admin. And yet you have to.

Whatever business you’re in managing all the processes of a business can be energy-sapping and the technology choices overwhelming. With the proliferation of cloud-based software, it’s very easy to buy software and migrate onto it, only to find that it’s not quite right for your needs, doesn’t work with something else, or in some cases, simply doesn’t work as advertised.

What’s the solution?



With over 26 years of experience implementing technology for large and small businesses, I am on a mission to help small business owners to learn the skills they need to make smart choices in an ever-moving software market, and to implement the tools they buy effectively in a manner that actually reduces the burden of work in their business, rather than increases it

Implemented correctly, automation can eliminate many of the manual tasks in your business which can make you feel busy, but not productive. Indeed in 2020 McKinsey estimated that 30% of all work could be removed through automation using existing products, and a further 20% could be automated using technologies that already exist but are not yet fully commercialised (think self-driving vehicles).

Imagine how your week would feel if you could eliminate a day and a half of burdensome tasks, and use that time to productively grow your business, get back to what you went into business to do, or just take time off.

How Does It Work?

In the academy, you’ll learn how to straighten out and tidy up your processes, how to use automation to reduce the complexity of delivering your products and services and how to use automation smartly to both create capacity and improve customer service

The academy includes a combination of video tutorials, workbook exercises and masterclasses and group work and is designed to take members from an absolute beginner in process re-engineering and systems change, through to you having delivered automations into your business and a plan for doing the rest.

Academy members benefit from weekly calls with a blend of coaching and hands-on technical troubleshooting to help them to get their software configured, with additional technical support as required.


Using the skills you will learn you’ll be clear on your requirements and with everyone on the same journey, you’ll be able to share tips with others who are using, or have tried tools that you think might work for you – all before you commit to any of them.

The hands-on help sessions will allow you to get an expert to set up software you’re not confident with, whilst explaining what they’re doing and why so that you’ll be able to tackle these challenges in the future.

Whilst you will get practical tips and advice on how to save non-productive time in your business, the single biggest obstacle to freeing yourself up to do the work you love is not practical at all. It is mindset. Many business owners I speak to are obsessed with saving the small costs in their business, and trying to do everything themselves, because it’s cheaper, and they want it done “just so”.  In reality, they have a far high opportunity cost by doing work that isn’t client-facing, and which they usually hate, to save a few pounds here or there, which they could easily cover by making that time client-facing, and therefore revenue earning.

The group coaching sessions will ensure that you focus on where the value really lies and you’ll buddy up with another member to keep each other accountable.

How It Works

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