Our data consultancy practice can help you with the following areas:

Getting actionable insights from your data

With over 25 years working in FTSE100 companies we know how powerful data can be in helping businesses to grow and to reduce their costs

“How do I get value from my data?”

Using data we can help you to understand where you are missing opportunities. We can then help you to put in place custom dashboards and analysis to monitor and grow your business

Setting up your data infrastructure either locally on in the cloud

Getting your infrastructure right allows the use of the right tools. Getting it wrong means costly integration of data from multiple sources and data quality headaches

Data governance and data quality

Uncontrolled, undocumented data is a serious risk to any business. You could be making the wrong decisions based on partial or incorrect data. You could be exposing yourself to legal action. And you could be wasting a large amount of money with the costs of trying to clean up, match up or otherwise remediate poor data quality. We can help you to assess your data governance framework, measure your data quality and put in place the necessary actions to remove these risks

Compliance with GDPR and other regulations

GDPR significantly raised the bar on what businesses must do to be compliant, as well as increasing the penalties for non-compliance. Yet many businesses remain unaware of the risks they are running. Whether it’s an assessment of where you have data risks or an action plan to ensure compliance, we can help

If you’d like to discuss how our data consultancy can help with any of these areas…