Finding Material for Social Media Posts

Finding material in original tone of voice is hard – here’s how to fix that

Finding material for your social media posts, videos and blog articles is hard

Most of what you find is material that your competitors are putting out, leading to many similar posts, when really what you want is to stand out from the crowd


What’s the problem?

If you just go to Google and search for a topic the top results are likely to be highly curated blogs on the subject. Informative I’m sure, but generally one step removed from the raw experience you’re trying to help people with.
The problem is that almost everything that makes it onto the first few pages of Google is there because it’s been carefully written and had layers of SEO applied to it in order to get it there. This is great for the author and effective for someone who happens to type in the search phrase, but it’s not all that helpful if you want to write copy about the raw emotions and experiences of someone suffering with the problem your business solves.
People don’t buy based on logic, they buy based on emotion and then use logic to justify it to themselves. So to create effective marketing material you need to lead with the emotion and follow up with the facts, not lead with the facts and hope they “feel it”.
You may of course be blessed with a large amount of this material already, but most of us are not, and getting direct access to the language that is used when someone is venting about their issue is therefore important input to the process of producing all types of marketing material.

Here’s the solution

I’ve got a neat little trick for you that will enable you to find posts on forums etc where people who actually have the problem and venting their frustration, upset or anger or asking for help. And those posts are GOLD DUST for copy writing.

The great news is that they’re actually pretty easy to find when you know how…

To find them start by putting in some search relevant to your niche, followed by some sort of emotion that people suffering with it may talk about (“frustrated” is a good choice if you’re unsure) and then before you hit enter, copy the following and paste it onto the end of your search

inurl:forum|viewthread|showthread|viewtopic|showtopic|”index.php?topic” | intext:”reading this topic”|”next thread”|”next topic”|”send private message”

How Does It Work?

That string tells Google to only bring back pages that have the sorts of controls on them that popular forum software includes on every forum post page

This has the effect of immediately filtering out all of your competitors’ blogs, news articles, product pages etc and getting you directly to the good stuff you can use to craft your next post

It’s not a guarantee you’ll find what you are looking for, but it should increase the chances substantially

If you want to test it, try searching for “marketing ideas” frustrated

You’ll get pages of marketing “gurus” trying to sell their courses, which isn’t going to help you at all (unless you’re looking to buy a course on the subject!!)

Now try the following search:

“marketing ideas” frustrated inurl:forum|viewthread|showthread|viewtopic|showtopic|”index.php?topic” | intext:”reading this topic”|”next thread”|”next topic”|”send private message”

You’ll see that right away you’ve got some forum posts, and by page 2 it’s forum posts all the way.

As is often the case, you already had all the tools you need – the only thing you needed was the knowledge of how to use them more powerfully… Happy Googling!

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