Business Betterment

Whether it’s to scale or sell, we can improve your business using our four-phase ‘DO-IT’ methodolgy…


It’s our 4-phase, systematic methodology to assess and improve your business.


An initial free consultation helps us to understand the issues you are facing and our programme suitability. Followed by a detailed assessment, and a half-day workshop with your team.


We work with you to simplify the selected problem processes. This will remove time and materials wastage. We will also aim to deliver quick wins to immediately help your bottom line.


During this phase, we will look at opportunities to link up your systems and automate processes. We may deploy new software if required and of course, we will train your team to use it.


We will help you to put in place metrics to ensure you can both understand and monitor these new processes. and that you can take early corrective action wherever necessary in the future.

Individual Processes

are considered during our diagnosis phase in these 14 separate areas:

Your 100 Day Plan

To Streamline & Improve!

This review identifies your businesses pain points, then streamlines and improves them. Focussing on working with your team to identify and remediate your most pressing problems. Cycles of improvement can then be undertaken either with our support by your own team

Thank you Mark for opening my eyes up to the incredible possibilities when it comes to using data and tech to grow!

– Tiffany Dawson

Systematic business isn’t just about new systems.

Putting the right industrialised processes at every step, followed by accurate measuring and monitoring will grow your revenue without an equal growth in your costs.

If you’re not sure you need to do this, then imagine that the world goes mad for your product or service tomorrow – it’s the new craze. Now consider whether you could double your staffing fast enough to double your revenue? Not really a practical option for most businesses. It is probably not desirable either since all those additional people will need to be brought into your company’s culture and learn the right processes before you let them loose on your customers. Even if your growth ambitions are more modest, it makes sense to industrialise your business before you aim to expand it. This will to make sure every sale you make is earning you maximum profits.

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Very easy to deal with and work with. Super transparent and completely trustworthy. Would definitely recommend!

– Relton Harris

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