Sales data from your online stores contains a wealth of information around how effectively you spend your money and which products you are selling. But may online retailers do not maximise the value of this and therefore they miss opportunities.

If you are concerned you may be leaving cash on the table or that you are spending marketing budget ineffectively or listing where you don’t sell, then this service is for you

How it works…

Sales data analysis process

Data is only valuable to you when it allows you to take an action, be that changing your product selection, adjusting your marketing budget or whatever. We will provide insights into your sales data that are actionable, not just “interesting”.

We also know that data analysis can be confusing so we try to keep the process as simple as possible

We follow a simple 5 step process to ensure that your data is securely handled and that you are clear on exactly how this service operates

Step 1 – NDA

Sales data analysis process Step 1 - NDA

We sign a non-disclosure agreement and contract confirming that we will not share your data with anyone else and that we will dispose of it safely when the work is complete

We send it to you and you sign and return the contract to confirm you would like us to undertake the work. Nothing scary, just a step to make sure you have confidence we won’t abuse your data or the insights from it

Step 2 – You Send The Data

Sales data analysis process Step 2 - Send

You download your sales data from you online store in an agreed format. We will help you with this is you are not familiar with the process. You then use a cloud service to provide us with access to the dataset.

You are fully in control throughout this process and at no point are you required to hand over any passwords or login details

Step 3 – Analysis

Sales data analysis process Step 3 - Data Science

We analyse your data using our data science expertise, backed up with some artificial intelligence tools to identify “actionable insights” – things you can actually do differently as a result of what the data shows

Step 4 – Insights Report

Sales data analysis process Step 4 - Insights Report

We produce and supply you with a report on the key areas where we believe your business could generate additional income or reduce costs as a result of the information in the data

Depending on the complexity of these we may recommend areas for further work but we will only do this if we can explain to you why we think it is beneficial. You are under no obligation to do this but we hope that the results will speak for themselves

Step 5 – Pay

Sales insights process Step 5 - Pay

We invoice you when we generate your report. You pay us!

At this point we may discuss options for additional work or to repeat this analysis in future

The cost of this service is £500 if you’re using a single ecommerce store, £1000 if you’re using 2 and £1500 if you’re using three or more. This reflects the extra time required to combine and match data from your stores although please be aware that if you are not using SKUs or they differ between platforms this may affect the quality of our analysis. If this is the case then we’re happy to discuss options once we’ve reviewed your data, and we can even quote you to fix it for you

How To Order Your Sales Insights Report

If you would like to order this service for your business, please complete the form below and to start the process

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