Software that I Use

I’m often asked for software recommendations for various tasks. Here’s a list of what I use…

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. In a few cases they may get you an upgraded offer, and I may earn a small fee or price reduction on my own subscription if you choose to sign up. I never use affiliate links unless they’re giving you at least as good deal as you’d normally get and I never, ever, recommend software because of its’ affiliate scheme

Calendar Booking

There are now dozens of appointment booking tools available and I reviewed some of the most popular in my blog post about Diary Booking Systems

Personally I use Calendly as my main booking tool (you’ll see an example of this on my booking page) as I find it the simplest calendar tool to use and update.

However, sometimes you may be in an email conversation and want to set up a meeting in a more natural way than just sending a diary link, or you may need to co-ordinate several people’s diaries. For this I use which allows me to offload the thinking about how line up free time to an AI assistant, in much the same way as you might with a human PA.

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Review Management

Collecting and managing your reviews is a vitally important part of any business. There are a number of tools available to help you to smooth the process and be more systematic about how you treat reviews.

I use Nicejob for this as it provides a simple landing page to direct customers to in order to leave a review (you can see my review page here). This will encourage visitors to leave a review at whichever review sites you use (Google My Business and Facebook being the most popular)


It also provides a number of other tools to support the process, including website widgets (featured on most pages of this site) and social media integration, allowing you to automatically post stories like this to your social media.

Finally it has a really effective review funnel which you can hook up to other systems in your business (I link mine to my invoicing process, via Zapier). This will politely ask customers to leave a review using a series of messages, the timing and content of which have been finessed by the team at Nicejob for maximum engagement.

I get a review rate of over 95% in my business since implementing the tool, and I’ve seen similar results for my clients. 


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Mark has been fantastic at helping me set up my online booking system for my business. I have been wanting to get this in place for a while now, but was struggling to implement it cohesively. Mark was able to help link the booking system to my website, email, calendars and Zoom. I was under a bit of pressure time-wise and Mark was very accommodating in ensuring we got it set up quickly – I’m so grateful! He has also been brilliant if I’ve had any queries or amendments needed. He is very knowledgeable, would definitely recommend! Thanks again Mark.

Olivia Daniell

Bristol Soft Tissue Therapy

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