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Consolidate your internal and regulatory reporting capabilities into a unified and highly efficient, value-generating platform for growth and compliance across the business.


Generate business value from regulatory reporting

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Reduce the cost of regulatory reporting

The regulatory demands on banks and building societies has been ratcheting up for many years.

To meet this demand, finance and risk leaders are investing ever increasing amounts to satisfy the regulator.

Historically, regulatory reporting operated outside of internal reporting, meaning little business benefit has been derived.

In addition, the pressure on regulatory spend has led to finance and risk leaders having less resource available for discretionary activities that add value.

At Cobalt Beach, we believe a unified reporting capability is not just a regulatory checkbox activity – it’s a strategic asset for increasing performance across the business.

We help consolidate internal and regulatory reporting capabilities into a unified and highly efficient, value-generating platform for growth and compliance across the business.

A unified reporting strategy helps leaders experience reduce costs and operational risk, combined with increased reporting capacity, accuracy and trust.

Rather than looking at this as yet another (expensive) technology problem, Cobalt leverages over two decades of banking, risk and reporting expertise to unify regulatory and internal reporting by simplifying organisational design, systems and processes.

Our goal is to streamline and simplify existing reporting capabilities as opposed to sinking deeper costs and complexity into entirely new reporting platforms and processes.


To making your regulatory reporting work for you:

ADAPT Process

Your 100 Day Plan

To Streamline & Improve Your Data!

We start with a review of the data and systems in your business today, and during this initial engagement we develop a 100 day roadmap bespoke to your business on how to move to a simpler, joined up data and reporting infrastructure. Focussing on working with your team to identify and remediate your most pressing problems, we will look at which reporting processes are costing you the most time and pain and plan a solution for them

Thank you Mark for opening my eyes up to the incredible possibilities when it comes to using data and tech to grow!

– Tiffany Dawson

DATA ISN’T a luxury.

Data and reporting is the pulse of your business, but you need to be able to track it and react fast.

If you’re not sure you need to improve your data and reporting, then imagine that the world goes mad for your product or service tomorrow – it’s the new craze.

Now consider whether your existing team could keep up with the additional workload and still prepare the data you need fast enough to react and exploit your new found opportunities?

Not really a practical option for most businesses that are using manual data processing in Excel to produce their key numbers. Even if your growth ambitions are more modest, it makes sense to industrialise your business before you aim to expand it. This will make sure every sale you make is earning you maximum profits, and give you the data you need to know that.

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Very easy to deal with and work with. Super transparent and completely trustworthy. Would definitely recommend!

– Relton Harris

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Getting More Value From Regulatory Reporting Data

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